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2014 Chicago TI Faire Disk Torrent
At this year's Chicago TI Faire, 2 DVD disks of files were given out.  I offered to host copies of them here on, but I'm not sure now if that will be feasible due to the fact that they are so large in size.  

In the meantime, I created bit-torrents for them, and have been seeding them. 

Directory Listings For Each Disk:

.pdf   2014 Chicago Faire Disk.pdf (Size: 274.88 KB / Downloads: 27)

.pdf   Chicago TI Faire 2014 HFC.pdf (Size: 75.71 KB / Downloads: 17)

Torrent files for the folders/files of each disk:

.torrent   Chicago TI Faire Disk 2014.torrent (Size: 582.06 KB / Downloads: 30)

.torrent   Chicago TI Faire HFE Files 2014.torrent (Size: 170.2 KB / Downloads: 9)

Same as above, but in the form of a single ISO image for each that you can then burn to a disk:

.torrent   ChicagoTIFaire2014.iso.torrent (Size: 11.01 KB / Downloads: 12)

.torrent   ChicagoHFC2014.iso.torrent (Size: 10.96 KB / Downloads: 6)

I originally started seeding just the ISO images since that's the format that I plan on having here for download.  However, it was pointed out that it may be preferable to have the contents of the disks torrented instead of just the ISO files.  By that time, the ISO files were already being downloaded and seeded by others, so I am still offering them here.  Unless you know that you want them in ISO format, you should just download the ones with the multiple files since it will be faster.

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