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rs232 cru bits
Could someone out there with a Mini Memory cartridge use it on a TI rs232
I need to know how the CRU Bits respond.
C1302---->130E (130E) will turn the LED on.
Especially interested if you can manipulate the bit all bits between 1300-->130E
I can't, i want to know if this is normal or not?

I could really use someone with a mini memory cartridge and a TI rs232 card to run the TI diagnostic written to run from the Mini Memory cartridge.
When I run it, the card fails at 1302.
I'm trying to determine if there is a fault with the card or the software.


P.S I can upload the diagnostic disks which includes the file to load and run out of mini memory run with the word "run"
Hi Steve,
I have the same setup and tried to find the Diagnostic software to do the tests you ask for, but I wasn't successful at that. Send me a PM and I'll try to help!

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