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Playing Popeye & Games List
(11-09-2020, 06:07 PM)Bromosel Wrote:
(07-14-2020, 03:56 PM)jonesypeter Wrote: Hello,

I'm new to the TI99/4A.  My home computer as a child was the ZX-Spectrum.

Couple of questions if I may:

Is there a site which shows screenshots of TI Games?  Rather like Lemon64 or similar?

I'm trying to play Popeye via Classic 99.  I have downloaded the TOSEC archive from and there is a part one file and a part two file.

Popeye (1984)(Parker Brothers)(Part 1 of 2).g
Popeye (1984)(Parker Brothers)(Part 2 of 2).c

Finally.  How do I report spam?  The report button under posts does not seem to be working.

Many thanks

Great Britain

Hi Peter,
several things do not work on this site. You've surely noticed that a 'porn reply' was posted directly after you wrote your message.  Big Grin
I hope the admins will remove it soon.

The 99er wasn't that popular like the C64 oder the Amiga. So the chances are very poor to find something similiar to Lemon64 or LemonAmiga.
If you want to contact me via email you may visit my 20 year old TI-99 site.

It is thankfully hosted for many years here at
You'll find my email at the bottom of my site. It's simply encrypted but easy to solve....

Hope to hear from you,

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