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Free TI-99/4A - badideajeans - 07-12-2020

I have a fully functional TI-99/4A. It is free to a good home. I only want some help with shipping.

In addition to the computer, it comes with the following hardware:
TI Power Supply
TI Video Modulator
TI dual joysticks
TI Speech Synthsizer

The following modules are included:
Car Wars
Moon Mine
Number Magic
TI Extended Basic
Tombstone City

I also have the extended basic manual.

RE: Free TI-99/4A - jonesypeter - 07-14-2020


Yes please if this is still available.  Thank you,

RE: Free TI-99/4A - badideajeans - 07-14-2020

I received several unexpected local responses on Craigslist, so the unit is no longer available. Thanks for the interest.