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Need help making a TI 99/4A cable - lou2retro - 10-16-2014

Hey all, just registered for an account since I just bought a TI-99/4A in box for $5. So I would like to use an old cassette tape player I have to write programs to and play programs from. I don't have a cable but seems easy to fabricate. I found one pin out guide online but I was hoping someone had a real easy to follow guide. For instance pins 1 and 2 go to 3.5mm plug for mic, etc...(that was a Hypothetical). Also I have audacity loaded but not sure if I have to make any changes to the com port on the PC when interfacing. Thanks in advance for all the help.

RE: Need help making a TI 99/4A cable - ksarul - 10-16-2014

The Mainbyte site is your friend when it comes to hardware modifications/cables. Here's a direct link to the cassette cable instructions:


RE: Need help making a TI 99/4A cable - RichP - 10-17-2014

Welcome Lou!  I agree with Ksarul that Mainbyte is an excellent site/resource!  I'm sure you've already looked and found cable directions there, but FWIW, they're also available here on this site: