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Full Version: Quick and easy TI99/4a monitor solution
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Since small monitors with composite input are getting harder to find , I decided to look for a solution for a back up system. (The TI modulator RF output can be used with a tv/monitor but direct video will look better) and you can use a regular vga computer monitor.

The answer is to buy or create a video output cable. (Pre-made cables are available on ebay)

This solution will allow you to connect your TI to a standard VGA monitor ( assumes it can do 800x600 @60hz)

Next you need a composite video to VGA adapter.
I found this one on ebay for less than $12 with free shipping.
It includes the adapter, power supply and a Vga cable.

See photos of adapter and it's output on a HP VGA computer monitor.
Some vga monitors have a amp and speakers built in, or you can use external computer speakers or any other external amp speaker combo.