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Full Version: Need help making a TI 99/4A cable
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Hey all, just registered for an account since I just bought a TI-99/4A in box for $5. So I would like to use an old cassette tape player I have to write programs to and play programs from. I don't have a cable but seems easy to fabricate. I found one pin out guide online but I was hoping someone had a real easy to follow guide. For instance pins 1 and 2 go to 3.5mm plug for mic, etc...(that was a Hypothetical). Also I have audacity loaded but not sure if I have to make any changes to the com port on the PC when interfacing. Thanks in advance for all the help.
The Mainbyte site is your friend when it comes to hardware modifications/cables. Here's a direct link to the cassette cable instructions:

Welcome Lou!  I agree with Ksarul that Mainbyte is an excellent site/resource!  I'm sure you've already looked and found cable directions there, but FWIW, they're also available here on this site: