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Full Version: Ti 994a issue please help
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Hey guys i just recently started picking up electronics since i baught a house in the city, now i have thrift stores and space haha

Anyway i got a ti 994a today. Its my first pc older than windows 95. It was 30$

I played with the rf modulator and figured i could wire rca style plugs to the cable, i used 25 foot subwoofer stereo cables to reach my flatscreen

It seams i have video and can hear beeps when i press keys, but i all i get is the color strips, then i press a key and it the color bars dissapear. No text like i see on youtube videos

 Any ideas? Ide appreciate some, Thank you!
[Image: idbAS7]

Iam having problems posting pictures
I unseated and re seated all the chips inside ans check connections. no help
Any luck yet?  It may possibly be a video RAM failure.  Take a look: