The TI-99/2


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The TI-99/2 BASIC Computer was made to compete with the Timex Sinclair. The 99/2 only displayed black/white. It used a 16-bit high speed processor, 4.2K of memory, and a membrane keyboard usable by touch typists. The 99/2 could only run certain cartridges and tapes, the tapes gave a short introduction to the BASIC computer while the cartridges originally avalable for $19.95 each helped the user become familiar with BASIC. The cartridge names were, "Introduction to Programming" which plugged in the back of the console and immediatly turns the machine into an interactive teacher showing you how to communicate with it.

The other cartridge titled "Learn BASIC Programming" teaches you about programming in the BASIC launguage step by step.

The 99/2 BASIC Computer used a TMS9995 microprocessor operating at 10.7 Mhz. The 99/2 was made for families that were taking a step into the world of computing at a low cost. Then they would buy a more capable computer like the 99/4A (Color, sound, games, and tons of peripherals). The 99/2 was supposed to be a stepping stone to the 99/4A.

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There were several ways to expand the TI-99/2. You could attach a shallow cradle on the bottom of the computer to add 16K - 32K-bytes of user RAM (for a total of up to 36.2K); an 8-pin connector on the rear panel of the machine allows connection of TI's Hex-bus family. There was also a Hex-bus compatible modem for the 99/2. Since the 99/2 and 99/4A can talk to the same peripherals over the Hex-bus, their data and program files can be interchanged through the Wafertape peripheral media. It might even be possible to "download" the 99/2 from the 99/4A through the Wafertape.

There was also an RS-232 interface, and a 4-color printer/plotter designed for the TI-99/2.


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